About Me


Hello, I’m Kacie Ellis. I’m a positive parenting teacher, helping families parent with confidence and integrity. I’m a certified parenting educator of Academy of Parenting and Coaching-Redirecting Children’s Behavior. My hope is to bring you and your family more joy, love, and connection through tips and tools that will help us all be happier, calmer parents and that will give our children confidence and skill to take with them as they grow.


I am the daughter of a child development teacher, so I grew up immersed in positive parenting, and when I became a mom myself, I  developed a passion for sharing this work with other families.


I married my high school sweetheart, and after 8 years of being married, we welcomed our first daughter. As prepared as I felt to be a mom, the transition into motherhood was rough for me. Our oldest daughter had some medical concerns which added to the stress of this big life change that is parenthood, and I began to feel lost. Through support from family, community, and amazing mom friends, I started to feel more like myself and found my true passion to support other families through their parenting journey. A year and a half after having our first baby, we welcomed another baby girl home, and two and half years after that, we brought home our baby boy.


I created Family Elements to be a community of support for parents. I offer seminars, coaching, and course programs to give parents the support and tools they need to raise their children with firmness, kindness, strong limits, compassionate discipline that teaches to improve a child’s future behavior, and to build confidence, self-esteem, and resilience in children.
With my support and tools, I hope parents feel encouraged and empowered to create the home and family they dream of.